66.34 ° N


Snow storm’s descending, no falling, I went through.

The grave of periodic, no one can find our clue.

I’m with you, disappearing in our dusk, into blue.

Listen to, the elegy’s truth.

Cross over your ruined body, to remove your last scare.

My time is shining, like an aurora, freezes tonight.

I’m not able to die, so I keep on watching you sleeping in quiet.

Maybe in, another night,

You wake up once again, I can see your peaceful smile.

By Frosty Eve (an independent rock band from mainland China, in Chinese: 霜冻前夜)

Translated by Bright Blue (Chinese poet, in Chinese: 蓝澈)

Note: Some sentences in the translations do not share the exactly same meaning as in original poem.


雪 停在风里 不坠落 任我穿过
时间 的墓地 再没人能 找到你我
我 带着你 消失在黑夜里 远去
听着风 在哭泣
穿过你残缺的身体 带走你的恐惧
时间 闪烁 极光般 凝结你我
我 无法死去 只能永远的看着你 睡去
也许在 次世纪
醒来你幻化成奇迹 我能再见到你


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