What Should I Say

What should I say when the sun is not supposed to shine?

When the sky is not supposed to rain.

When the wounded bird of the night weeps over.

What should  I say?

Life with that much sorrow is not worth it.

When all hands are shacked.

It would be to possible to escape from the darkness with you.

However, with you, I must run away from this world.

By An Iranian Poet

Translated by Ashkan (Iranian, in Farsi: اشکان ; in Chinese: 阿什康)


چی بگم وقتی که آفتاب نمیتابه وقتی بارون نمیباره
وقتی مرغ زخمی شب روی دیوارای خونمون میناله
چی بگم
زندگی با این همه غم نمیارزه نمیارزه

با تو آسان میشد از دست سیاهی ها گریخت

گر نباشی در میان باید که از دنیا گریخت


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